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Our Philosophy in Making You and Your Canine Companion a Team

We believe that not only are classes not neccessary, the first phase of training for your dog should be done without distractions. This phase is referred to as "The Learning Phase". Once you dog has completed basic obedience, lessons can continue at a local park or anywhere where people and other pets will be so we can train with distractions as well as socialize.

All training lessons are at your home so we can work where you and your pet spend most of your time. I am located in Rockaway NJ and will travel to all surrounding areas. (Denville, Parsippany, Dover, Randolph, Montville, Wayne, Hopatcong, etc) I will travel to most norhern and central New Jersey areas, however, addtional travel costs may be applied..

One in-home personalized training session is the equivalent (and more valuable) than 3 classroom sessions at any school.

Dog training is so much more than just teaching your dog to sit and give you his paw. It is about creating a bond of communication and respect. I will teach you how to communicate and developing an understanding with your dog that will continue and grow with your family throughout the life of your pet.

As your dog's master, you will be taught, patience, repetition, correction and praise.

Basic dog obedience should not be started until your dog is at least 4 months old. The exception to this is if the dog starts to show any signs of aggression. Remember, how you work with your puppy from the minute you bring him home can determine the type of pet he will be the rest of his life. A Puppy Kindergarten* visit is strongly recommended within a few days of bringing the new puppy home.

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Puppy Kindergarten includes Feeding, Housebreaking, Socializing, Exercise, Biting, Toys, an introduction to the leash and using treats to begin teaching the basic obedience commands.

Off-Leash Training - Would you like to see a demonstration of how your dog can obey your every command without a leash. Call me and I will bring Jesse (Black Lab with me on the left) to your home to demonstrate.

A well behaved dog is a dog you can take wherever you go and has good manners.
Does your dog walk in front of you and pull you along?
• Is your dog aggressive around his food bowl?


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