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Puppy Kindergarten - should happen within the first few days the puppy comes home. During this lesson, I will spend time with your family and puppy and we will discuss what should take place up until the puppy is 4 months old and is ready for basic obedience

Dog and Puppy Obedience Training

Basic Obedience - includes the 6 basic commands. Sit, Stay, Heel, No, Down and Come. A release command such as "OK or "FREE" is used to let the dog know that the exercise is over.

In Home Dog obedience Training, Northern New Jersey

Advanced Obedience - Advanced obedience is a reinforcement of basic, except with more distractions, i.e., a child throwing a ball, heavy traffic or around other animals. The dog is expected to obey under any circumstance.

Off leash Dog Training

Off-Leash Training - Using a remote collar, your dog can be trained to heel and obey all commands off leash. Call or e-mail for more information

Dog Training and Problem Solving, Rockaway NJ

Problem Solving - Biting, jumping up on people,excessive barking, digging or any other behaviors you would like eliminated.

Dog Training

RATES as of January 1, 2011* - I am based in the Rockaway NJ area. All lessons are $85.00* for surrounding areas. Each lesson will last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes depending the dog and the command that is being taught.

* Rates may vary depending on amout of travel time to owner's home.

All instruction is done at your home with the exception of Advanced Obedience. In order to learn to obey with distractions, the dog needs to learn to behave in public places. A distraction could be a bicycle, a child playing, another dog, a jogger. Your dog should be focused on you no matter what is goiing on around him.


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